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Canada has been one of Ukraine's greatest advocates—from governmental support to local activism—during the political and military upheaval of recent months. Since November 2013, Ukraine has gone through its Revolution of Dignity, removing corrupt president Viktor Yanukovych and making strides to join the European Union. Ukraine has also endured Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and its financing and orchestration of terrorist operations in the Donbas. 


CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR UKRAINE will continue Canada's support by encouraging Calgarians to learn more about the situation in Ukraine and raising funds to materially and emotionally support those in need in Ukraine while celebrating our deepest human values through the beauty of classical music. 



Stephania Romaniuk, mezzo-soprano & artistic director

Tanya Chumak, ballerina

Daniel Dastoor, violin

Cheryl Emery, piano

Lindsey Herle, violin

Minja McKenna, viola

Andrew Tai-Soon Park, cello

Susanne Ruberg-Gordon, piano



IL TRAMONTO - Ottorino Respighi: A dramatic piece for mezzo-soprano and string quartet that conveys the tragic story of a woman named Isabella. After a night of brilliant passion, she awakes to find her lover dead. From that point, she 


Selections from CAMILLE CLAUDEL: INTO THE FIRE - Jake Heggie: Moving modern classical songs that musically explore the life and work of sculptor Camille Claudel whose relationship with the French artist Rodin overshadowed her own creative genius. 


SELECT UKRAINIAN ART SONGS: For centuries, Ukrainian composers lived in anonymity or fear of censorship, persecution, or exile. It is a miracle their works exist but a great misfortune that they have yet to enter the Classical canon. Given the current threat to Ukraine’s existence as a nation, we must embrace these musical riches and disseminate them to the world.


OTHER ART SONGS, ARIAS, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: A beautiful selection of Classical music to envelop you in a rich, fulfilling music-listening experience.


For more information on how to get the most of your music-listening experience, please contact Stephania at 587.228.0220. Complimentary music appreciation sessions available.

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