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The Art of Active Music-Listening

Although many people enjoy classical music, most leave performances with only a cursory awareness of what they have just heard. Others feel they do not “understand” classical music and hesitate to attend concerts in the first place.


In both situations, not only do people leave with a sub-optimal audience experience, but they are less able to articulate their experience and less likely to identify and support excellent music-making in their community. As a result, the quality of music being offered in the community diminishes over time. 


As one remedy to this problem, I offer interactive discussions on “How to Listen to Classical Music: The Art of Active Music-Listening”. I offer both a philosophical and practical approach to perceiving more of what is available to the lay-listener at a concert, symphony or opera.


In order to reach as many people as I can, I provide introductory lectures at no cost. 


Topic-specific lectures prior to recitals, symphonies, or operas are also available. 



In addition to growing their confidence in English, my past students have found success including by improving by 25% from ELA 20 to ELA 30 and going from struggling with basic sentence structure to writing 15+ short stories.

I am a passionate and tireless educator, and I firmly believe in building on a student's unique, natural abilities while addressing gaps in their knowledge.

One of my strengths is identifying outside-the-box strategies for sparking student motivation and making lessons fun, while being disciplined about honing the fundamentals.

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